Gist of Liber Aarni LXIX

From Liber Aarni LXIX:

:: M.W.’S WORDS ::

Delicious patients,

1) New (sort of) Aarni album out now on Bandcamp! “Deliria – Odds and Ends and Beginnings 2000-2012” contains 32 tracks, some of which have hitherto been only unofficially released, and the rest never before released anywhere…it features 5 (or 6) full songs as well as loads of shorter tracks consisting of studio outtakes, recorded riff ideas (most of which remain unused to date in Aarni releases), demo takes and a few jam session snippets. These have been included as baffling curiosities and pervy sneak peeks into the Aarni songwriting process.
They will possibly give bittersweet eargasms to those individuals inordinately interested in the band and lo-fi sound in general…such people will no doubt also enjoy the fact that when Aarni in the throes of inspiration captured these snippets on a recording device, only a single take was ever made. So all those tasty playing mistakes and candylike out-of-tune notes can frequently be savoured by the drooling listener! Obviously not very mixed or mastered.

Thou canst download the full(er) songs individually if thou wilt, but the short tracks only come with a complete album purchase – as do a couple of bonus items: an old Aarni flyer and a fortunately never used “promo photo” of MW from 2000 e.v.

Perhaps interestingly most of the riff/melody idea tracks, both the ones used and unused in released Aarni material, date from the year of Their Lord 2000. Thou canst listen and find out which of them made it years later to the two Aarni demos, the Split CD with Umbra Nihil, ‘Bathos‘, ‘Tohcoth‘ and ‘Omnimantia‘ EP. Some of the remaining ideas will perhaps be used in the future while others will certainly not be.

Anyway, these recorded musical gems represent a rarity, as usually Aarni band members prefer to conserve the fruits of their creativity by the old-fashioned way i.e. writing the stuff down on notation paper.
Each entry in the albums tracklist also features some words in the way of commentary and background information about the track in question.

2) We have likewise made the remastered Double Demo available at Bandcamp for thy artistic experience.

3) In Aarni webshite related tidings: thou canst read two recent reviews of the Aarni/PiM split there. Ta to the music journos involved!

4) We also got signed to the “record label” Any And All Records.

5) Probably the best way to access the most recent Aarni-related news and various incoherent outcries is by our Facebook page. Its RSS feed is

We recently put a poll on the FB page as well as for thy interactive cravings, asking for thy favourite track on the Split. Consider the poll as research for the direction thou thinkest Aarni should concentrate on style-wise in the future. The results may or may not influence our output, but at least thou tried! It’s the thought that counts fnord.

Beast Retards,
Magister Warjomaa

-new Rush album
-Munchkin Cthulhu

-long delivery times for stuff
-powdered wigs


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