Gist of Liber Aarni LXXI

:: M:.W:.’S WORDS ::

Hello perplexing pithecoids,

It has taken us this long to send out a new Liber Aarni issue, for we have been feeling so down and disappointed when against most odds, the world apparently did not start in late 2012 e.v.
Apologies for the convenience! But now we may be almost back to “normal”, so let us keep the babble to a minimum and celebrate by these glad tidings:

1) New Aarni song ‘Path of Return‘ released on SoundCloud for thee to marvel at! It has been an experiment for us, mainly production-wise, as well as a sort  of holiday from the work on ‘Lovecraftian‘. Make of this disjointed occultnik hymn what thou wilt…as usual and if needed the song lyrics can be found in the appropriate section of the Aarni website.

2) Also, for those of you not following us on FB and/or Twitter for some obscure reason it may come as news that late last year M:.W:. guest contributed the vocals for the song ‘Paralysis‘  by Dullko. Charming!

3) Work now continues fully on ‘Lovecraftian‘ for the stars might be right to actually achieve something.

Not the faintest about a release date yet. We are mysterious that way fnord.

We like a certain class of tramps, so thou wilt find a warm welcome from,
Magister Warjomaa

-new Triptykon album

-shitty new apocalyptic movies

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