From Aarni’s newsletter no. 66

:: M.W.’S WORDS ::

Darling outlandish outpatient,

1) In case thou noticed it not, there has been another (un)fortunate hiatus since the last newsletter issue…too busy working/playing on the Aarni & Persistence In Mourning split album – which much to everyone’s relief now finally appears to be completed!

The delay of this fine release amounts to, what, two years? Completely Aarni’s fault I must confess, as PiM’s half and also the artwork was finished long since. Nostra maxima culpa! Apologies to all concerned – obsession sometimes seems to lead one to infuriating inadvertent inaction…

CD release through Witch Sermon hopefully during the spring of 3178 AM, known to the unenlightened as 2012 era vulgaris. Probably at some point also available from Bandcamp in several HQ audio formats including hi-res album artwork.

The Aarni/PiM Split clocks just under 58 minutes featuring ten tracks, five from each band. I plan to do a breakdown of Aarni’s half in a future newsletter issue once the release draws nigh.

In a nutshell: our tracks vary from each other quite a bit, presenting almost the whole gamut of Aarni’s “styles”. Thou canst find the melodic folky stuff as well as matters metalloid, doomy, Xothian (yet deliciously not Cthulhoid), irritating/pleasing, catchy, boring/interesting. The same can be said about the vocal styles used. One might even glimpse a shallowly buried common theme amidst all the variation – not even a cadavre exquis.

2) Speaking of art, the glorious & unnervingly lifelike images and such for the Split album appear courtesy of the brilliantly talented Alessandro Falca from Conte di San Pietro. On that website thou canst sneak preview some artwork for Lovecraftian (as well as other projects) seeing that this amazing Italian Renaissance gentleman also holds the illustrative responsibilities for Aarni’s upcoming third LP album. Lovecraftian

3) Yes, we have presently returned to work and play on Lovecraftian…adding flourishes while removing others, feverishly fixing and mixing those tracks we deem already complete. Some musick for the more epic songs partially remains to be written; done easily enough. Mayhap this time an Aarni album doesn’t take so long to be finished (it has already been under on/off construction for over two years).
Possibly the main hindrance for the past releases has been a kind of misplaced perfectionism, although this could be somewhat hard to believe for entities familiar with our musick…but yes, we notice graveyards tend to have a high quota of perfectionists and discount bins an equal amount of well-mixed releases. Henceforth Aarni tries to redirect its anal tendencies more, er, fittingly and adopt the elusive attitude of “good enough”.

Otherwise there dwells a Behemoth in the living room and Leviathan in the bedroom. Say what?

Of the bathroom it is not lawful to speak.

In any case it currently sounds like Aarni will be moving towards a more extreme musickal style. More heaviness, guitars, atmosphere, peculiar vocals, perhaps further minimalism, disharmony, exotic time and key signatures if (un)needed, less percussion of the conventional drum set variety, a sort of return to the early stuff and things of that nature and ilk. To put it briefly, again for the first time Aarni goes more Pnakotic.

Whether this will already be evident on Lovecraftian remains to be seen…

4) A certain band member, who shall not long remain anonymous, has taken it upon itself to write the occasional blog post to Rant King here – much to the chagrin of the rest of the band. Among the hysterical offal and largely destructive outbursts to come thou canst discover official Aarni-related tidings too, but on the whole it cannot be over-emphasised that this blog does not comply with Aarni party policy. Or maybe some of it does…or in fact most of it.

But peruse it at thy own risk as it might give a perplexing and even baffling view of Aarni. Sometimes the Sanity Loss can be as high as D20 and at others even lower.

Finally the mandatory ads – thou art what thou buyest:

A plethora of bewildering Aarni t-shirt designs and divers other merch available from the Reverbnation store.

Yogsothery – Gate I: Chaosmogonic Rituals Of Fear available from us for 10 € (includes planetwide shipping via Air Mail). The standard CD jewel case comes in an unearthly cardboard slipcase for thy edification & delight. Features an outlandish 20-page full colour booklet with liner notes and lyrics just to make thee feel special & loved. Order thine while our copies last!

A handful of autographed Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute to Thergothon double CD’s still available from us for a measly 8 euros inside the EU; 10 euros for the rest of this bizarre excuse for a planet. Costs include shipping via Flying Polyps. As an added tr00 d00m feature the double album comes in an ultra rare standard CD jewel case.

Shouldst thou feel the urge, Omnimantia EP, the Double Demo and the Aarni/Umbra Nihil split album can still be purchased as CDR’s via the Aarni webshite. As a bonus we can on demand even throw in one or more unreleased Aarni hit/miss songs.

A better idea yet would probably be to get the newly remixed and/or mastered Bathos and Omnimantia with extra goodies from Bandcamp. If thou wilt, thou canst fully listen to them prior to paying the ludicrously low price.

Let’s live the New Year 2012 EV like it is our last,
Magister Warjomaa

-Elder Sign game
-[insert thy favourite compulsion]

-revolting pithecoids
Iä Hastur,