Wood & Wind

Haista huiluIn the above photograph thou canst see the woodwind instruments actually used on Aarni’s recordings. Doomintroll took the picture in the Doominvalley Zero-G holodeck, where the band members like to store some of their very first material possessions.

In the center we have M.·.W.·.‘s silver-plated Buffet Crampon 225 flute, which he acquired circa 1985 e.v. and has extensively played on songs since the beginning of Aarni’s recorded history uncountable æons ago.

  Underneath it floats a wooden Inca ritual flute, pilfered by Comte de Saint Germain from Machu Picchu during his (extremely) brief stay as a guest in 1523 e.v. So far this challenging-to-play instrument has been featured solely on the folky track ‘Emuu’ from the Aarni / Persistence in Mourning split CD. We chose to use the flute not because of any thematical connections to the New World, but because its similarity in sound to the traditional Finnish “shepherd’s flute”.

The two recorders in the photograph date from the late 1970’s and thou canst hear their maddening sound on ‘Lovecraft Knew’, where M.·.W.·. plays both of them simultaneously akimbo-style, not unlike the αὐλός of Ancient Greece.

Finally we have an Irish tin whistle (actually bought from a certain witch-haunted township in New England) on the left, which likely will be played on the Celtic-themed song ‘Yule Horror’ off ‘Lovecraftian’…


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